June, 2014

Hey, we have a new single out on Light Rail Records!

Future Headquarters / Cherokee Sisters is available exclusively on iTunes, and was recorded at Light Rail Studios by Nick Dumitriu

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Father President hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, a collection of seaport cities where sailing men bring in the latest hit singles from China. It is the hippest pop music spot in America. They wear "butterscotch pudding blast" haircuts that date back to ancient San Francisco, and suits with live yellow jackets nested in the lining which they've made the newest buzz. 

The trio write, play and sing a powerhouse music filled with orange zest and uninhibited good humor that make listening a sensation-filled joy. It isn't rhythm and blues. It's not exactly rock 'n' roll. If you squint it's not exactly Slayer either. It's their own special sound, or as group manager and respected local pornographer Cluben Val puts it, "our music is just--well, our music."

Niko Bradway - Bass, etc.

Eric Faggin - Drums, etc.

Benjamin Griggs - Guitar, etc.

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